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Unfrequently Asked Questions

What is GRAMM?
We are Mike and Mali and GRAMM is our band name.  Our collaborative works from over the years.  Everything from TV commercials, social ads, installations and illustrations.

What does it mean?
Way back when we started out, Mali was a graphic designer moving into motion, and Mike was a 3D / motion graphics artist.  We took the GRA and M from those and smashed them together.

So is the MM for Mali and Mike?

What do you do?
Mike directs creative and heads up the 3D side of things.  Mali also directs, especially the art, and leads the 2D.  Jojo sleeps a lot and does general dog things.

Can we hire just 1 of you?
Absolutely.  We have the ability to complete projects from concept to completion, but we also link up with other teams, studios and agencies together or individually.  Much of that work doesn't live in the GRAMM portfolio.

New Business

We have a range of direct clients, agencies and other studios that we work with.  To discuss a project or see how we can work together then reach out too:

Mike Lomas


We collaborate with artists all over so feel free to drop us your deets!  Animators of all styles, illustrators, sound designers and a particular shoutout for Maya riggers.

Find us on the socials:

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© 2021 GRAMM | All Rights Reserved

© 2021 GRAMM | All Rights Reserved