Estimate One

Always use the best tools possible.

Estimate one is the online platform where builders, subbies and suppliers all come together to tender jobs.  Our job was to create a video for each user to show how easily they can use the platform and win more projects.

The first step was to take a quite info heavy interface and simplify it.  There are a lot of tables of information and while simple to use once you know how, it can look a little much at first.  So we stylized everything out, designing up each stage of the process to be easy to understand, but still maintaining the essence of the actual UI.

The Estimate One brand uses graphical elements and text alongside more realistic objects.  To bring that through in the animations we used 3D objects such as the laptop and key letters from the text rendered in building materials.  A theme we continued with the use of textures in the 2D to represent different trades.

Finally, we top and tail with our building blocks.  This is our metaphor across the videos for the ultimate goal - getting jobs done.

The suite of animations contains 4 main edits and a whole host of cutdowns and formats, for socials and pre-rolls.



Michael Lomas
Malisa Perona

Art Direction & Design
Malisa Perona

Michael Lomas

2D Artists
Malisa Perona
Dom Iaria

3D Artist
Michael Lomas 

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© 2021 GRAMM | All Rights Reserved