Sunraysia Drain Relining

Don't dig a bigger hole for yourself.

Fixing a damaged pipe doesn’t have to be hassle or messy, and showing people how you do it doesn’t need to be complicated or boring.

The team at Sunraysia reached out to us for a solution that communicated their service in an entertaining and easy to digest way.  There’s a fair amount of videos showing the process on youtube, many very similar, detailed process videos that aren’t suitable for shorter format television commercials.

We needed a way to explain this process quickly, and a broken toilet is something we can all relate too.  We’re showing people that you no longer need to dig up your front yard to fix a problem like this.  Our fun characters go about solving the problem in our stylized environment, cleanly and clearly working through step by step without overloading people with technical jargon.

No mess, no fuss all round.



Michael Lomas

Art Direction
Malisa Perona

Claire Hicks


3D Aritists
Michael Lomas
Luke Richardson
Nathan Juno

Sound Design
Daruma Audio

© 2021 GRAMM | All Rights Reserved

© 2021 GRAMM | All Rights Reserved